Getting Ready For PlayStation VR GDC 2016

Both developers and gamers will want to make sure they check out the PlayStation VR GDC 2016 event. The conference in San Francisco, California starts March 14th showing all kinds of tech and developmental showcases. It will be a 3 day event held at the Moscone Center. Here we take note of the presentations that will be shown for PSVR.

PlayStation VR: Development and Innovations (presented by Sony)

With senior staff developer, Chris Norden, we’ll see many development concepts & ideas that have been put into PSVR. You’ll get a glimpse at the thought process that has gone into VR experiences such as “The Deep” and “The London Heist”. With The London Heist, careful consideration is incorporated to make sure the player is a part of the story and not just watching it. In an interrogation scene, the players view decides how the A.I. perceives them. For example, looking at the exit while being captive causes Mickey, the interrogator, to know your intentions.

The London Heist

Audio for AAA Virtual Reality Experiences

With SCE Europe’s Technical Sound Designer, Simon Gumbleton, you’ll see how sound design plays a very important role along with the visual experience of VR. Just playing a game from your TV with surround sound has been a thrilling experience for gamers. Even when the sound design is crafted just as well for headphone users, the right cues and production can make the game very immersive. Ask any survival horror enthusiast and they will tell you how sound is important. Being virtually in the game with VR, we have to take sound design and craft it much further.

The emotion is much more intense & your brain naturally perceives orientation with sound as it would in the real world. One of the great PlayStation VR titles to demo this is Kitchen for PS4. You are hand tided in a chair and have no clue what is going on in the macabre atmosphere that surrounds you. It really get’s your brain’s imagination worked up. There are recommended ways of producing audio for VR. Developers will have a better understanding of how one could incorporate these methods from the PlayStation VR GDC 2016 event.


Maths to Mechanics: Using Mathematical logic to Implement Intuitive Gameplay

Showing how the mechanics all come together, Ronald De Feijter from Sony London Studio will be presenting on intuitive gameplay with PSVR. With the right kind of interaction implement for each game and their scenarios, immersion becomes natural. In a PlayStation VR title with the PS Move controllers, you are more inclined to know what you can do by instinct at a certain point because of the developers prediction in what gamers would do. As a developer, take these concepts and more with you to your work space for an effective VR title.

More of PlayStation VR GDC 2016

If you would like to attend or have yet to get your pass for the event this year at GDC, maker sure you get your pass for it soon. Even though the Game Developers Conference is mostly aimed for developers, it will give an interesting perspective to gamers so stayed tuned for more as GDC 2016 approaches. Check back for more info on PlayStation VR here at PlayStation4VR.

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