PlayStation VR App Support Will Bring The Casuals, Which Is Great

When people first get their new PlayStation VR headset they’ll find a demo disc included, although there are other VR games and even apps in the PlayStation store to experience. The games that launch are pretty good at showing the potential of the VR headset, even though there is so much more to come that gamers wont be able to fathom. The other type of experience with PlayStation VR is the app side of things. This is where PlayStation VR app support will bring the casuals, which is a great thing for any PlayStation fan. You’re not so hardcore gaming family and friends have a nice media experience to try out if even the much approachable VR titles seem too much for them.

The apps we have so far with PlayStation VR

So far, there are 6 apps that are in the PlayStation Store for PlayStation VR: Littlstar VR Cinema, Within, Vrideo, Hulu, Media Player, and Kismet. Littlestar VR Cinema is a platform and community for 360 VR experiences more so with world brands and producers. Within is shown as an innovative and story based VR platform for content. Vrideo can be seen like a Youtube for VR video where you can see trending and recommended content. You can even download videos for offline playback in Vrideo.


Hulu puts you into a virtual living room to enjoy it’s VR content. Think of it like a first person PlayStation Home free apartment where you can only sit and watch Hulu videos. The Media Player is noted because it allows non VR content to be played in a screen cinema mode (small, medium, or large) with 360 audio and it really makes watching your favorite movie or show more enjoyable. Finally, Kismet is a collection of activities in a Tarot reading experience. Choice between “The Cards”, “The Stars”, or “A Game of Wit” which is a board game is kismet.

While this is what’s available at launch, Apps will be a big part of the PlayStation VR experience backed by Sony who has hold in the media industry. Expect to see all kinds of clever experiences in PSVR not just for casuals, but moderate to even hardcore gamers. Maybe PlayStation fans like you have a killer idea for certain types of apps that should come to the PS Store next. Let us know what you’d like to see as a PlayStation VR app next. We’ll have more PlayStation VR content to cover later, and remember, we’re all a step closer to PS9.