How PlayStation VR FPS Games Should Be Played

The dawn of PlayStation VR brings on an array of wonder and amazement. There are many types of experiences that can be discovered through VR. PlayStation VR uses the VR headset PS4 camera, and DS4 or Move controllers. Let’s talk controls here, specifically how the PS move controls have been handled, to what the potential can be.

playstation-move-dockThere are limitations with the PS move controllers; great controllers of course, yet limitations just as anything else. There is the main ps move motion controller with the tracking sphere, PlayStation icons, move button and trigger button on the bottom. The nav controller only has the X and O PlayStation symbols, D-pad, analog stick, and trigger button. You get the same functionality of a DS4 minus an R3 button, and 2 extra trigger buttons [also the share button]. The limitation comes with interactive games especially with VR using two move controllers in an FPS; no analog or D-pad.


Developers should map the square and x buttons on the secondary move controller and the forward and backward button. This allows gamers to play first person (or any game) with the ability to controller the characters movement and their hands. In a random fiction based example, imagine playing Death Stranding with PlayStation VR in first person. You could be walking forward holding the square button, yet raise your move controllers up and looking at your hands. The gyroscope will of course allow you to turn left or right.psmove-mapping

Using this controller scheme will give gamers more interactivity if the developers see a fit for this kind of controller layout. You may be wondering what if there is a new version of the nav controller that comes out with a tracking sphere. Gamers with just two move controllers could fallback to this proposed layout for these type of interactive game mentioned.

There are a number of ways developers are currently implementing into PlayStation VR games with the move controllers. Some first person games allow you to point and teleport to travel distances. Some games move around the level for you. We encourage developers to try to implement movement with two move controllers and button mapping. Perhaps even simply having a toggle to move button if necessary. Give you’re thoughts on PlayStation VR move controller possibilities. Which games would you like to see use methods like this?